Linking up with Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates.  Readers can follow her categories or come up with 7 blessings that happened during their week.  

Scripture::  My, my, my.  Sigh.  I'm sitting here rushing to get this post out before my in-loves (in-laws) come to pick up me and my family for a weekend in Seattle.  So I'm trying to catch my breath after running around like a mad woman packing, trying to remember to bring the diapers (I forgot them on our last trip....), night light, and other kid miscellaneous items.    And remembering what God has put on my heart for this week is better than a cup of coffee.

Psalm 16:8

I know the LORD is always with me.  I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
After my week of reflection on my hurt and learning about forgiveness, remembering that I am not alone brings a sweet peace to my heart.

Story Teller:  I have been enjoying all the link up from The Nester.  Every October for the last 3 years she has institued a "31 Days of (You fill in the blank)."  There is something there for everyone.  Along with going through my 31 days, I want to encourage you to read Mandy's 31 Days about Tongue Taming.  It has been wonderful reading about it when I want to say some really horrible things for my hurt, but am changing my words to reflect God instead of myself.

Social: We got to have some good quality time with our friends, Joe and Jenna, on Tuesday night.  I love those two.  When we get together my heart is warm.  I get to put everything out there and I just love being with them.  It makes me sad that they are moving to Seattle soon, but I have been assured that there is PLENTY of room for us to visit!

Silly/Snapshot: This little blessing took place last night.  She is having such a hard time letting go of summer.  And with all the smoke, summer was cut a little bit short.  Beginning October 1st, she had to start wearing socks and she thought it was the end of the world!  So we had a little bit of fun dressing up for bedtime.  Mind you, her swimsuit is on the OUTSIDE of her pants!  I love this little girl!
Sips/Sweets:  Another combo blessing for today as I'm racing the clock!  To help me sleep I've been savoring the Sleepytime Teas by Celestial Seasonings.  I have several different flavors and am thoroughly impressed by them.  Usually things like that don't work on me, but oh my.  It. Is. Wonderful!  Though I did make the mistake of having a cup before a posting and prayed that there wasn't any "dkjfaoseri" in my post.  I looked in the morning and confirmed I was good. : )

My sweet tooth was in full gear this week.  Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!  Ya can't beat the $1.28 XL Hershey's candy bar or the practically free container of Rocky Road ice cream.

Wahoo!  I got it off in time!  They are here.  Blessing

Thanks for linking up Kate! Hope you have a blessed trip! And that pic is so adorable - it's one that you can come back and look at any time you're feeling down. :)

10/6/2012 10:00:18 am

We are definitely enjoying our time out here. I hope that this is one picture I can put in her wedding video. ;)

10/6/2012 06:20:16 am

Thanks for the mention :) enjoy your time with your my favorite city ever! Xoxo

10/6/2012 10:01:04 am

We are having a blast! Have a great weekend! Glad you got to enjoy your bike ride!


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