Today I'm joining up for the last FMF for the year.  I've been on and off with my writing.  As you can see, it's not a priority in my life at the moment.  I would love to sit down and just write, but I have learned that I do not use my time as wisely as I should.  Well, that's at least some of it.  I, quite frankly, have taken on way too many things.  I try to do everything and fail and then I realize I. Can't. Do. It. All.  No matter how hard I try, I can't do everything.  And that's a good thing because it makes me rely more on my Creator than on myself.

Thank you for the food we eat.  Thank you for the world so sweet.  Thank you for the birds that sing.  Thank you God for everything.  Thank you for my family.  Thank you God for loving me.  For each and every child we pray.  Thank you for this special day.   --- Josephine Page
That thank you prayer is one that my kids and I know by heart.  It's one of their favorite stories to read at night.  I'm so thankful for this past year; including its ups and downs.  I have been blessed way more than I deserve to be blessed.  Sometimes I sit there and wonder, "Why me?  I don't deserve this."  And the simple answer is:
I thank Him for loving me, despite who I am.  I thank Him for not running away from me, but running AFTER me.  I thank Him for blessing me with my wonderful husband.  I thank Him for entrusting me with two little ones and giving me a of grace when it comes to raising them.  I thank Him for helping me through the hurt in my life by encouraging me in His ways and in His truth. 

Thank you Father for everything; the big, the little, and even the inbetween.  I have to, I need to, I do give it all to you.  Thank you for your truth that speaks boldly and loudly to my heart.  Thank you for NEVER giving up on me.  Thank you for those that you have put in my life to encourage me and give me sound advice.  Thank you for those that listen.  Thank you for friendship and sisters.  Thank you for your love.  You are awesome.

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"In the secret, in the quiet place
In the stillness You are there.
In the secret, in the quiet hour I wait,
Only for You,'cause I want to know You more;" - Chris Tomlin
Quiet.  I have a difficult time with this word because my thoughts go to God.  "Now wait a minute," you say.  "That's a great thing!"  Well for me it reminds me that I haven't had my quiet time with God in quite some time.  I mean I pray and blog a few verses here and there, but I haven't had that true, quiet time with my God.  I haven't had true relationship with him for a little over a month. 

I have let the enemy come between me and my special time with my Dad.  I let him win when I sunk into myself when my parents walked away. He infiltrated my time and left me empty.  This is the quiet I do not want to be a part of.

God is always there, by my side, waiting for me.  He gently prods me and shows me through others what HE can do when I'm quiet.  I desire that quiet time, but I need to put it back into action.  I can't expect it to just happen.

Will you help me be accountable for my quiet time?
I'm linking up with Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates.  Every Saturday Lisa shares some of her blessings from the week.  I love this link up because it reminds me that amidst all the craziness and "things that don't seem to go right," God is ever-so-present, blessing me. Every. Single. Day. 

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During my counseling session this week, I was encouraged to write a letter to my parents, in love, about forgiveness.  I didn't know how to do it because writing to my parents doesn't come naturally.  And my attitude usually isn't the best.  Can I just hide now?  Ugh.  However difficult it was, it was so FREEING to be able to convey the things that they, as Christians need to know.  My heart breaks for their hurt and the evil that is residing within them (the grudges, the unforgiveness, the bitterness, etc.). 

My verse this week is:
"If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins."  Matthew 6: 14-15
That's the part that gets me and is helping me to put everything into perspective.  "..if you refuse to forgive others, your Father WILL NOT forgive your sins."  Wow...that is HUGE!  So I just lift up my parents and my my family today.  I pray that God will intervene in a big way. 


I don't remember ordering this book from the library, but it came in yesterday and it was such a blessing.  It's called, I Love You to God and Back -- A Mother and Child Can Find Faith and Love Through Bedtime Prayers by Amanda Lamb.  I'm going to include the Prologue because this book is blowing my mind!  God sent it tome at just the right time.  I've been scheduling so many things to keep myself busy to avoid my real issues and my stresses have been taken out on my little Bean.  After I do that, I find myself just holding her and apologizing for my craziness.  The best thing is that she forgives me and tells me she loves me back.  I end up squeezing her harder and she has to tell me to loosen up a bit.  I love that little girl so much. 

You can find the Prologue here.


Oy!  We had/have a full schedule this week!  I'm combining the 3 because this week it just seems appropriate.  Bean turned 4 this week and we're still celebrating.  She has been such a blessing to me.  She shows me that I'm so not perfect, but regardless of that fact, she still loves me.  I'm blessed to be her Mama. 

Then there was Halloween.  I decided this year I would make the kids' costumes.  I sewed till the morning and got it all done.  Yes, I was a big-time procrastinator.  But nevertheless, it got done!  They had a great time, came home with lots of candy, and didn't want to sleep.  That about sums up that night.

The next day we went to small group and hung out with some church friends we really haven't connected with in quite a long time.  It was nice to do that.  Our other small group had to dissolve because everyone except us moved out of the area.  It was definitely a blessing to connect again.

Yesterday we participated in a fundraiser for St. Paul's church and school by taking antiquity photos.  Now you can call me crazy.  We attempted photos at 6:45 PM, which didn't happen till about 7:15PM, but we ended up getting some great photos and I can't wait to see all the proofs.  Plus, we were able to support a wonderful local church.

And today, we're wrapping up Jada's birthday festivities.  She had 2 parties the day of her birthday and a big party with friends and family at our local pizzeria. 

I'm so blessed.


Well as I'm trying to get this cranked out I'm enjoying a nice, warm cup of coffee.  I don't even want to get into the sweet this week because I've had more than I need.

But the cool thing about the sweets is that a friend who is a consultant with Lindt RSVP signed me up for $1. That's it!  $1 for chocolate!!!  I couldn't say no.  You can now purchase your Lindt chocolate bars, truffles, and gifts through me on my website.  And if you're close to me, you can host chocolate tasting party!  Please check it out and pass it around.

Thanks for sharing in my blessings this week!


"Mommy.  Daddy.  I'm ready."  [Sigh]

It's not even 6 AM and he's up.  I don't go immediately to him because it's too early.  Buddy has had a long week with all the festivities (Bean's birthday, Halloween, small group, and now photos after school).  How can he be up and ready before 6 AM?  My body definitely isn't ready.

Bean knocks on her door as she is ready to get up.  Again, it's barely 6 AM.  I've been looking forward to some quiet time to read and write, but I fear that it won't happen, yet I open the door and she comes out.  She comes out, follows me to the kitchen table, nudges me, and then crawls up into my lap for some morning time snuggles.  [Smile]

She is part of me.  He is part of me.  They are the roots and fruit of our little family.  They are the roots that we have been entrusted with to nurture and develop, but most of all love.  I want to firmly establish those roots in them to pass on...

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