Today we'll be wrapping up our week.  I took yesterday off to participate and facilitate at a marriage seminar and   Again, I just want to thank you for taking your time to read and join me in this study.

It's about refreshing ourselves and diving into God's word today. 
"Before you begin reading, spend time in prayer with the Spirit.  Ask Him to teach you.  Pray that He'll remove your preconceived ideas and show you truth. Ask Him to speak clearly."  (p. 38)

Our focus will be on Galatians 5:1-6. Let's read it and then reflect on each verse.  Take time to write down your reflections. 

Ladies, I apologize.  I've been working on this post for awhile and had everything together and for some reason everything, even after saving, disappeared.  Our next refresh will be more in depth, so I again apologize.

Take your time with your God because He wants to spend time with you.  Happy Sunday!

Thanks for joining me,

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