I've been battling a cold that has completely wiped me out...plus, it doesn't help that I've been watching Downton Abbey.  :)

In Day 3, we talked about being real with God.  How has that been going for you?  I've noticed that I've been more free with my expressions directly to Him.  I'm not afraid of what He may think of me.  Which I know sounds silly because He KNOWS EVERYTHING!

Today we're going to talk about FELLOWSHIP.  Let's see where God takes us.

Question 1:  Please read 1 Samuel 1:11.  Darn.  Have you ever promised God something in crisis that you wished later He would forget? What was it?
     Guilty.  My promises are usually to spend more time with Him and pray more.  It's not that I want Him to forget what I said, but I feel guilty that I didn't keep my end of the bargin. 
"God's eyes search for those who will contend for His glory.  He finds the heart that releases her dreams not just for gain but for God's own fame.  Of course, many have offered the vow but neglected to keep it.  'God, if you will do this one thing, then I will do such and such.'  Yet out of her awe at the Lord's tenderness, Hannah remembered God because He remembered her first (verses 11 and 19)."  (p.60)
Question 2:  1 Samuel 1:21-23.  Why do you think Elkanah mentioned the Lord's word to Hannah?  What uncertainty do you think he was demonstrating?
     There are some obligations that need to be done in order to take of your families.  God understands that, however, He still wants your worship. So even if your "churchy responsibilities" are neglected, take the time you have away from church to carve out time with Him.

Question 3:  If you offered your Samuel--or the dream of your Samuel--to God (whatever the biggest this is), what else would you have to sacrifice? Control?  A time frame?  Fear?  A relationship?
     My biggest sacrifice is the control and my time.  Those are 2 huge things that I think I need in my life in order to maintain order in my life.  Wow, that just went around in a circle.  But to give up all control and to give more of my time is something that I have to give more of back to God for everything He has done for me.
"The purpose of the fellowship offering was to have a little dinner with God, enjoy each other."  (p.62)
Question 4:  Have you ever shared a treasure with God? A child?  A gift?  A talent? A dream?  How was there fellowship there?
     I think the gift of tithing has been one thing our family gets to share with God.  We have been blessed with an overflow that I still don't understand when I see it on paper.  He has made us stewards of His money and we hope to use it and give it wisely. 
"Believer, give God your grief and let Him turn it into a blessing.  Offer Him that returned blessing and let Him use it for His glory.  This is service the way God designed it.  It is born out of relationship and rings with authenticity.  It is fellowship.  It is wholeness.  It is union.  It's the only way to really live."  (p. 64)
Dear Lord,  I know most times my prayers are directed towards my wants and this may not be any different, but I ask that You show me where you are filling me right at this moment or where you want to fill me and take me.  With all the overflow that You have given, I also ask that You show me what to do with it.  But most of all, please help me to make those leaps and bounds of my selfishness to do Your will.  Amen.

Thanks for joining me.

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