Today is my first Five Minute Friday of the year.  Join the flash mob here.

I'm wondering what the next step is and how I should proceed.  Sometimes the path seems clear, yet often I can't tell my left from my right for fear of making a mistake. 

We get a new beginning every morning we choose to get out of bed.  We get to choose what kind of attitude we're going to display that day.  We choose how we're going to react to the things that cross our path.  We have the opportunity to choose God.

I don't choose him every time.  I choose the world; I choose myself.  How quickly I forget about the blessings he has bestowed upon me, while I crave more.  God gives me the opportunity to choose him.  Sometimes it's blatantly put at my feet and it's easy for me to take it.  Other times, he lays it in front of me and I take the long, meandering path to receive the opportunity he wanted to bless me with at the beginning.

This year, and I hope with some sort of accountability, I will be able to really observe the opportunities he is placing at my feet; to seize them and let him take my hand to walk me through.  I want to walk side-by-side with my God.  Today I am thanking him for the opportunity to choose him.
1/4/2013 02:11:38 am

Hi Kate,

LuAnne has just posted a comment on your blog post, Opportunity - Five Minute Friday:

Hi - I just popped over from 5-minute-friday! I love this post - yes, we do have the opportunity to choose Him, don't we? And yet, so often we don't (okay, truth time: I don't!) Blessings to you this year, and I'm joining you in trying to seize those God-opportunities!


1/4/2013 02:13:18 am

Thanks for stopping by! I loved reading yours, too. Thanks for choosing to choose Him with me. :)


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