"Mommy.  Daddy.  I'm ready."  [Sigh]

It's not even 6 AM and he's up.  I don't go immediately to him because it's too early.  Buddy has had a long week with all the festivities (Bean's birthday, Halloween, small group, and now photos after school).  How can he be up and ready before 6 AM?  My body definitely isn't ready.

Bean knocks on her door as she is ready to get up.  Again, it's barely 6 AM.  I've been looking forward to some quiet time to read and write, but I fear that it won't happen, yet I open the door and she comes out.  She comes out, follows me to the kitchen table, nudges me, and then crawls up into my lap for some morning time snuggles.  [Smile]

She is part of me.  He is part of me.  They are the roots and fruit of our little family.  They are the roots that we have been entrusted with to nurture and develop, but most of all love.  I want to firmly establish those roots in them to pass on...

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11/2/2012 12:30:11 am

I love this, Kate. I've had many similar mornings and sometimes it's so hard to remember that love is the most important of all. Great words.

11/3/2012 01:33:56 am

Thank you Alison.

11/2/2012 12:46:38 am

We all need a reminder of how precious each moment is. My babies are all grown and gone so the only time I get those wonderful snuggle moments is when the grand kids are visiting. And they are getting to the age that I won't have them much longer.

11/3/2012 01:34:42 am

I keep reminding myself, "I will miss these moments." :)

11/2/2012 01:50:19 am

Wonderfully written.

11/3/2012 01:35:00 am

Thank you Denise. :)


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