I have taken some time again from my blog.  I'm sad to say that I did not finish my 31 Days of Healing.  But I'm completely okay with that.  The 31 days was just a little too much for me and my current schedule (i.e. I have been throwing myself into things to avoid the issue).  These past couple of weeks I have kind of shut myself off from dealing with my hurt.  I've tried to make it disappear.  God, however, does not want me to do that. 

Last night M. and I went out for dinner and I started opening up again.  I started pouring my heart out and realized I. CANNOT. HIDE.  God wants to heal me.  He wants me to be free of the hurt, the sin, the ugliness.  He wants it all gone. 

I cannot guarantee that I will write about it all at this time because I am having such difficulty expressing my anger.  I cannot seem to get it out on paper, so for me to put it out here may be a bit more of a challenge.  I do want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  You sweet emails, texts, and phone calls are a wonderful encouragement to me.  I love you all.

So with all of this said, I will go back to just writing.  :)


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